Tsutakotu Sakura bus

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This page will help you out what is Sakura bus and how to use it.

The Sakura bus has two types of en route service operation.

A normal bus service and a demand service.

Bus service

Bus drives during from 7:00 to 18:00.

Demand bus

The demand bus “Sakura” runs through the mountainside of Hatsukaichi city.

The bus starts from 8:00 until 16:00.

Will need to call an hour before for a reservation.


Price for normal schedule

・Adult (Jr.high school and above) : 150yen

・Child (Elementary school student) : 100yen

・Infant (Under elementary school student) : Free※1

・Baby (Under age 1) : Free

Person with disabilities ※2

・Adult (Over Jr.high school) : 100yen

・Child (Elementary school student) : 50yen

Price for demand bus

・Adult (Over Jr.high school) : 200yen

・Child (Elementary school student) : 100yen

・Infant (Under elementary school student) : Free※1

・Person with disabilities ※2 : 100yen

※1: Infant is free per 1Adult or 1child. More than 2infants will cost per child fee(100yen).
※2: Anyone who has “Physical disability certificate”, “Support, and Assistance for Persons with disabilities certificate”, “Mental patient health welfare notebook owner” and the supporter will be included. You will need a “disability certificate” to show.(Caregivers discount will be applied when there is “Caregiver mark” on the certificate )

Sakura bus is the local bus running through the mountainside.

Sakura bus also has demand bus.

Bus stop

Bus stops

Bus stop1